About Us

Intra International Skills Academy Sdn Bhd

The Intra Skills Training Center was established on 3 January 2001, and in February 2006, the training center was registered under the name Intra International Skills Academy and in August 2016 INTRA was upgraded to Intra International College. INTRA has taken a step forward by fully concentrating on industry-driven technical programs. The programs offered at INTRA have been fully accredited by the Department of Skills Development (JPK) and certified by the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR). At INTRA, trainees will be exposed to technical based knowledge and quality skills in preparation for the challenges of the industry both locally and internationally.

Vision |

Committed to strengthening the Teaching and Learning process (T&L) based on latest technological advancements to help generate the economy in the field of industry and entrepreneurship.

Mission |

To produce highly skilled, competitive and highly qualified graduates who meet the needs of the industry and are able to make a mark for themselves in the working world.


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